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The Silver Rose

text: Radclyffe Hall, 1910

I’ll sing you a ditty of Nowhere Town.
You climb the hill when the sun goes down,

Step out on the roadway of golden light,
And Nowhere Town lies along to your right.

In Nowhere Town is a Silver Rose,
A magic blossom that swings and grows

So high, that never a man or maid
Has plucked that flower from its fairy glade.

The rose is watered by all the tears
That lovers weep through the countless years,

And warmed by the breath of ardent* sighs,
And lit by the light in lovers’ eyes.

And none may reach it to pluck, save he
Whose love shall last through eternity.

So some sweet evening we’ll go, we two,
And I will gather the rose for you.

*Lehmann omits this word.

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