Eternal Feminine Podcast Series

Clara Schumann

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In this episode of The Eternal Feminine Podcast Series, we discuss Clara Schumann (née Wieck) (1819-1896). Clara was born into a musical household and her father, pianist and teacher Friedrich Wieck, was determined that Clara should be a musical star from an early age. She soon won the hearts of the public, both in her native Germany and abroad, and relished her elevated status as a celebrated musician. Her marriage to the composer Robert Schumann in 1840 marked a change in her own compositional output, probably because she was the primary breadwinner of the family; Clara still gave concert tours despite having 8 children to raise and an increasingly ill husband. A fiercely determined woman, she continued touring and teaching until shortly before her death in 1896.

Listen to the full podcast to hear our discussion of this amazing woman and our recording of Schumann’s tender Liebst du um Schönheit.

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